Atheros 5212 in AP mode does not work

  • I'm trying to set up a pfsense based router with two wired ethernet cards as WAN & LAN ports and a D-LINK DWL-G520 (Atheros 5212) card as a wirless access point.
    I'm able to get the card running in BSS mode connecting it to my current wlan router but in AP mode it does not seem to work. The AP will show up on my other
    computers listing of avail AP's and I can associate to it but I can't get any traffic on the interface. Rules are set up to allow traffic but i can't ping either way, in the interface status
    page the In error counter keeps ticking up but nothing on the out error counter. Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

  • Which Version of pfSense are you running? In case it's not please upgrade. pfSense is synced against the freebsd 6.1 tree frequently and there might be newer driver or HAL versions that possible will fix the problem. There are also some improvements at the wireless interface menu (like only showing valid channels for your card in the dropdown).

    Also try rebooting after you changed the settings. I have encountered some issues with atheros cards being in a somehow invalid state after changing settings. As far as we have diagnosed them they seem to be driver related so there is nothing we can do about this atm other than to wait for a driver that fixes it.