Atheros AR938x wireless card not working

  • Hi All

    Hope you can help me here, i decided to try a D-Link wireless N600 card (DWA-566) 2 channel pcie card on my pfsense box and have run into some issues, not knowing my way around bsd it's taken some time to try and work out what's going wrong, however it seems to be related to the HAL_CTRY_CODE been incorrect or invalid? Anyone have any ideas on how to get this working?


    Found a similar error here,

    ath0: <atheros ar938x="">mem 0xf0600000-0xf061ffff irq 16 at device 0.0 on pci32
    ar9300_attach: calling ar9300_hw_attach
    ar9300_hw_attach: calling ar9300_eeprom_attach
    ar9300_flash_map: unimplemented for now
    Restoring Cal data from DRAM
    Restoring Cal data from EEPROM
    ar9300_hw_attach: ar9300_eeprom_attach returned 0
    ath0: ath_getchannels: unable to collect channel list from hal, status 12
    device_attach: ath0 attach returned 22

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    Needs to be fixed by FreeBSD upstream. You might want to comment on the bug you linked.

  • Might be better to go and buy cheap Wireless Router from Buffalo, Netgear or TP-Link and flash then
    DD-WRT or OpenWRT on it, to get an really good WLAN AP, would be the best a these days.

    Or if this there is not the PCIe card version, but the USB Stick version you could buy a cheap RaspBerry PI 2
    install then Linux on it and then stitch the USB Stick in their and you will be able to get also a very nice and
    cheap WLAN AP.

  • Thansk doktornotor, will do, see what comes from that…

    BlueKobold, i think that is what i will do, guessing the easiest solution at the moment...


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