Pfsense blocking my work IP???

  • Hi,
    I can't connect to my network at home from work , It used to work and then suddenly stopped a few days ago.
    Everything seems to be totally blocked OpenVPN, Ping, Mail, it's just totally blocked.
    I've looked in snort & pfblocker and our work IP is not listed, I've switch them off and its the same, totally blocked.
    I've reset the pfsense box several times and still no access.
    I've tried connecting from another location using the same ISP and it works without a problem.
    If anyone has any ideas what might be causing this I'd appreciate your help.


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    Did you look at the firewall logs?

  • Hi,
    I've looked in the firewall logs and can't find any results for my works IP.
    Is it possible that it could be a routing issue from my works ISP to my network?
    I tried another connection from the same ISP but it could possibly route differently I guess.


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    so what does your traceroute look like..

    From the connection with the same isp that works, and from your connetion.

  • both the working source IP & Non working IP both timeout on the 8th hop.

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    Well if your traceroute gets past pfsense - why do you think pfsense is blocking your traffic???  Maybe they are just blocking you!!  At your dest..

    This is really simple to validate that pfsense is not blocking you - just sniff on pfsense wan (packet capture under diag) do you see your syn packet leave..  If so then pfsense is not your issue

    So you see a syn,ack back on this sniff?

  • Hi Johnpoz
    It's going to pfsense from work ip that's not working, (I can ping work from home), tracert goes 8 hops before it times out so it's not blocked at my work end.
    As the other IP that works shows in the firewall logs but the non working one doesn't it must be a routing issue.
    Seems strange that 2 ip's from the same isp that appear to route exactly the same only one works.
    I'm not really sure how to get this solved :-(


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    I read it that you couldn't get to work from home - my bad.

    If you see your other ip in pfsense firewall, and not the one you want then its not pfsense.

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