Suricata/Snort Ruleset Management

  • Was playing with SELKS (

    Mainly because Ive never seen something more messed up than Elasticsearch. Finding which version of Elastic, with which version of Logstash and Kibana, that is compatible with your version of Java/HTTP server and compatible to your linux distro is harder than winning the Powerball. Must be a marketing strategy; build something so messed up that they would have to call us in the end… Anyway.

    But the good thing about SELKS, besides having a working ELK stack, is Scirius (
    They are building a Web UI for managing/updating rules etc... They are miles away from what is available to the pfsense packages, you then realize how easy and user-friendly Bill made the Snort/Suricata interfaces on pfsense... but they are on the good path.

    And its possible to add more than ET/VRT, with the simple add URL to the rules file. Its something that could be easily done by you Bill, you could add it into Suricata: Global Settings.
    Simple input box where youll add the URL of the ruleset and chose an update interval. That way we could update with the GUI;


    Im sure you had thought about it anyway ;)



  • Thanks for the suggestion and the links.  I will check this out.  It would not be too hard to add the ability to provide custom download URLs for additional rules.  The only gotcha is every rules file needs to be unique so the GUI can distinguish them.


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