Two openvpn servers, rules?

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    I have two openvpn servers using 'tun'. Under firewall rules i only see Firewall>Rules>OpenVPN tab. Is this a common tab for all openvpn servers?

    Also, i dont have anything assigned to ovpns1 in Interfaces>assign, although i see both ovpns1 and ovpns2 in the drop down of Network port.

    Questions are
    1. where do i defined the rules for ovpns1 and ovpns2.
    2. Why is there a ghost Firewall>Rules>OpenVPN tab but no associated interface in Interfaces>assign.


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    That's no ghost tab. It's interface group tab for all defined OpenVPN servers. Usually, there's no need to assign these, if you do, then you'll have separate tabs for each assigned inteface as well. Note that the OpenVPN tab rules will still apply in that case, before the rules defined on individual assigned interfaces.

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