Squid 3.5.3 and squidguard-squid3-1.4.7 manual install from shell or package man

  • Dear all and support,

    im trying to install the squid version 3.5.3 and squdugard for squid3 .1.4.7 but its not installed the new version from the below location instated its downloading the olders squid and squid guard version which is 3.4.10 and 1.4.5 https://files.pfsense.org/packages/10/All/squidguard-squid3-1.4_7-amd64.pbi

    also i need help to setup these packages manualy from shell or change any option in gui to directly download these packges and setup it.

    i have installed the squid stable 2.7 with squid guard 1.4.5 but i dont know why after my restart and services restart they are not working and stop i tried much to restart the services but they are not restarting.

    i need help and its urgent please.


  • Squid2 is old and should be avoided.  Squid 3.4.10 is what pfSense has.  If you need something newer, you will have to compile it yourself or use a separate *nix server to do it..

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