Wiress access point and one VLAN

  • I have 2 wireless access points and would like to connect them to the same VLAN. The VLAN is configured on a Netgear GS 724T. I was able to get the VLAN working with one access point. The VLAN on Netgear is a static IP connect. The wireless access point has address How can I added and other wireless access point that has IP address I am new to VLANS so need some guidance.

    Thanks for the assistance….

  • Are you authorised to have administrative access to the Netgear GS 724T?

    If so, login to it.
    Check the port membership for the RJ45 port on the switch that you are plugging in to is a member of the VLAN that you want the Wireless Access Point (WAP) to be in.
    Also check that the port is enabled and that no access restrictions are in force.

    Configure the second WAP with the static IP address that you require.

    If you are new to VLANs. Download the Netgear GS 724T manual and read it.

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