Barnyard2 exits if it can't connect to remote syslog

  • Hi,
    Currently running pfsense 2.1.4-RELEASE (amd64) and Snort pkg v3.2.2

    I've set up my snort logs, via barnyard2 to go to a remote syslog. I have tested (sample size of 1, but after barnyard shut itself off a couple of times) that if barnyard2 can not reach the remote syslog server, it shuts itself down (which is fine, I guess). When I tested it, barnyard2 shuts itself off after 5 mins (or so) and displays the error:

    Aug 5 23:17:10 ip-172-16-1-1 barnyard2[64718]: Barnyard2 exiting
    Aug 5 23:17:10 ip-171-16-1-1 barnyard2[64718]: FATAL ERROR: NetSend(): call failed for host:port '' bailing…

    So my questions are:
    Can one confirm this is normal behaviour?
    Is there a way I can set this up so that barnyard2 auto restarts after exiting (can hack a cron script if I have to) or get Barnyard2 to continue to try and send log entries to the remote host without exiting?

    Thanks for your time,

  • Unfortunately not much can be done here.  This in an internal function/feature of Barnyard2 itself.  All the Snort package does is just launch the BY2 binary and feed it a configuration file.  After that the BY2 binary does its own thing…

    Best solution would be to see about making the remote syslog server more reliable (or reachable).


  • Thanks Bill, much appreciated.

    I've switched it to UDP and added in further monitoring to ensure I get alerted when the logging stops for a period of time.

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