OpenVPN + AD : how to automaticly use user credentials ?

  • Hello,

    Right now I have a fully operational OpenVPN server with AD authentification. However, everytime an user want to use the VPN he has to login using the same credentials he needed to open is session on Windows.
    How can I make it automatic so OpenVPN will use the Windows's user credential to identify itself on the OpenVPN server.

    I did look around but didn't find the answer yet.

    PS: I use the client Export package.

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    No such feature in the Windows client package, AFAICT. (You can save the credentials there, though… not a good idea IMO.)

  • This is a client issue. Since Windows does not support OpenVPN natively, the only way to avoid the additional credential input will be to use a client which can store the credential.
    AFAIK there are (proprietary) OpenVPN clients on the market which are able to use the Windows credential manager.

  • Thanks for your returns and sad for this that it's not possible to use Windows Credentials directly, it's the only thing who keep hard for my users to adopt OpenVPN. I think I gonna try certificate by user, need to script it now to generate certificate for everyone :)

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