Force FTP to use a particular WAN Interface

  • Hi,

    I am trying to create a rule which will force ftp connections to use a particular WAN interface but it still seems to use the default interface.

    screenshot attached


  • Read up on wikipedia how FTP works.

    Port 21 is only the command port.
    There is always a second port in use over which data is being transfered.

    I'm not really sure if you can force all ftp traffic out a specific WAN with such a rule.

    I think the ftp-helper can solve this but since i dont use it i cannot help you on this.
    hoba is the ftp-helper specialist :)

  • The only way i can think of goes like this :)
    Disable FTP helper on lan
    TCP Lan net * * 10000-65000            Passiv Ports
    TCP Lan net * * 21                          FTP

  • Well yes that would work but….
    I dont think anyone would want to force everything above 10000 out the second WAN :D

  • Hi,

    FTP is working so no issues there…..i just need it to only use a specific WAN or WAN pool


  • ftp can only be used with multiwan if the ftp helper is enabled. This will force all ftp connections to the main WAN though. No other option available currently, as ftp happens on multiple ports and the ports are depending on the ftp server's configuration.

  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    Any way one can modify binding the FTPhelper not to WAN but OPT1 instead? I have the faster line on OPT1 and the slower but synchronous line on WAN 'cause OVPN, too, only works on WAN for tunneling.

    Anything one can do manually?

  • In 1.2 you're stuck using FTP only on the WAN interface, not any OPT WANs. You'll have to switch your OPT to WAN unfortunately.

    Already been addressed in 1.3.

  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    Ouch. OK I'll leave this as "has to be done like it's done" until we are at 1.3beta/rc. But thanks for the message.

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