RRD Graphs - Fix sample lenght

  • Hello.

    I've been using pfSense for some good 6 months now and something that's bothering me is that some of the graphs are not as nice as the 8 hour graph, as in the width of each column is not equal to one pixel.
    Is this something that can be fixed or changed somewhere?

    Better examples:

    8 Hour graph uses 1 minute samples, equals to 480 samples and as the graph is 480 pixels wide it fits very nicely. This one is perfect.
    1 day graph uses 5 minutes samples, equals to 288 samples, it stretches the samples to fill the 480 pixels. This could be changed to 3 minutes samples to be a perfect 1 pixel 1 sample ratio.
    Weekly graph uses 1 hour samples, equals to 168 samples, again filling the space with larger columns. This could be 21 minutes samples to fit nicely.
    and so on…

    I'd greatly appreciate it if this could be done.

    Thanks in advance.

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