How impossible that network users have access to Wan Ips.

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    :) Good afternoon people! I just arrived at the Forum has come up with an intriguing question

    still can not find answers, or solutions to date.

    I have a network of Internet, where use pfSense to two years to manage users

    my network. At the moment I have three 50 Mega Links in Load Balance mode FailOver

    entering in three different physical interfaces and an output interface for LAN Gigabit


    Like pfSense because of all the servers I've ever used, it is the best, most

    reliable and practical.

    I would make it impossible for users on my network have access to the Ips

    My Wans in type sites: between similar but

    I would like them to continue doing speed tests usually more in place of

    ip Wan, appear something like reverse IP, and not the name of my carrier.

    I know servers to servers firewall rules are almost the same

    changing only place the way of how modifies them through the graphical interface or GUI

    terminal. I saw this video on youtube that shows simply how to do this in another

    type of server:

    Does anyone know how to play a similar rule to that in pfSense?

    Advance grateful: André Jesus

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    Kind of a guess but it looks like you're looking to route your users through a VPN or proxy.

    Take a look here:

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