Block ip or mac add for a day after designated time limit

  • i've set my captive portal to logout any user beyond the 1 hour time limit that i had set.
    the problem is that any user can always log in again after that and use another hour, and so on.
    was there any way that a user won't be able to log in again after that 1 hour time period for a day?
    so it will limit that user to have just an hour a day.


  • With RADIUS, yes. Just configure your RADIUS server accordingly. Or use vouchers. With no authentication, no there isn't a way to prevent that.

  • raduis is a bit hard for me. i can use voucher but im using cp for public network.
    i just saw in our mall that freewifi, enter portal without voucher. no authentication. just portal page "accept". and after an hour i can't login again. banned for 24hours.
    thanks again.

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