VMWare Player Installation

  • I'm looking to jump off of the cheap wireless router train and make use of pfSense in my home.  I already have a significantly overpowered home server built that was going to be used for all kinds of cool things that never really materialized.  So as it stands, I have an eight core monster doing nothing but serving music, videos, and documents.  I hate to add another box to the closet while I have all of this horsepower doing nothing.  So my question is whether or not there are any real obstacles to throwing in another NIC and running pfSense in VMWare Player on Windows Server 2k8R2?  I realize that this isn't a best practices approved way of running a business or a corporate network.  But would this work well for a highly networked home?  If there are any real obstacles I would need to overcome I'll probably just bite the bullet and buy my way out.  But I would very much like to use the existing server if it would work.

    Thank you in advance for any help!

  • On 2008R2 server, I would try pfsense on HyperV first.

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    If me with such a beast I would put esxi on it and run whatever you want as VM, be it your 2k8 server and pfsense and whatever else you might want.  I have a little n40l that runs 7 vms 24/7/365 without any issues.  1 of which is my router on pfsense.  I have more nics in there - but that is because I wanted to break vmkern on its on interface and have another interface for another physical segment.

    But sure if you want to use hyper-v or player or virtualbox that works too.

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