Squid proxy radius TTL not working ?

  • Hi!

    I have Squid 2.7.9 pkg v.4.3.6 on PS 2.2.4-RELEASE (amd64).

    Squid auth users via MS Radius on Win2012R2. Auth work normal, Internet work fine, but i have strange problem.

    When user access squid first time on PC - squid show logon window - it's normal. User enter usr name and pass to access Internet. Internet work. BUT Squid have Authentication TTL option on GUI set

    to 60 min, and it's not working ???.

    1-st logged to squid user have only first auth window, and can use Internet forever without next squid auth window ((( I test it few days - nothing happend - only first auth window per user PC.

    Reboots squid, PS, radius restart not help. Only firts auth window show (((( After - Internet work under 1-st logged user auth.

    It's big problem for me. We have some PC's with multi users on same profiles and need auth users Internet access. Also, we need re-auth users every day.

    Help pls !!!

  • Banned

    Stop using dead package in the first place. There's noone maintaining Squid v2. Whatever issue you have there, won't ever get fixed.

  • Tnx for answer, but the same problems on squid3 …

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