How to etit files from win XP?

  • Hi, Ive wrote some updates to Captive portal that I will integrate in Monowall, but I have to wait on  mono ppl tp explain me how to edit files…

    So I thought maybe you can tell me how to edit files? Ive installed MVware Developeer Image (apperantly one that i got is  v0.96.2) but any way I cant gett anything to work.... if I go to shell it doesnt even let me to do "dir" although "cd" works....  also to edit files I normally use Linspect Editor but it only gets the config menu of the box?

    Any advice?

  • Diagnostics -> Edit file

  • Diagnostics Comand not found :-(

  • This is a Drop down menu, not a shell command.

  • oh..
    I ment how can I see the filder list and etc.  Sure use GUI for file editing will work, but might get furstrating after a while

  • Enable SSH at your pfsense. Then use to connect with user root and password <webguipassword>. It's an easy way to download/upload/modify files.</webguipassword>

  • Doesnt work :-(
    I've rtied all 3 modes and im just getting the errors: access denied for ftp, evetuthing else giies me that reply message is too long

  • Login as ROOT.  Set mode to SFTP (allow SCP fallback).

    This has been axed like 100 times now.

  • now it 101st time :-P

  • Actually, I've been asking the same thing a couple of days ago.
    'Of course' I searched the forum and the mail lists - but did'nt get an answer to my question "How does one connect  pscp to transfer files from and to it…."
    Have to say that I have SSH access to the pfSEnse box. - This is just plain easy.
    And in 'my days', using vi wasn't any problem - it was far more better then edlin on another platform….  ;)

    The solution to my problem was: I was using the user named admin, that just doesn't work. One should use root. Like:

    pscp -ls root@
    This will ask you for a password, and afterwards spit out the directory of **/usr**.
    Better yet:

    pscp -pw mypassword root@ login

    will copy the (hidden) .login file to your host, the file will be named login.
    You could edit it, and copy it back.
    **pscp** is a Windows XP command line progam, part of the **Putty** telnet/SSH toolkit, you can download it for free.

  • What is wrong with Diagnostics -> Edit file?

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