Site-to-Site restrict Site A from accessing something on Site B

  • Site A:
    Interfaces: WAN, LAN (, VPN, OpenVPN

    Site B:
    Interfaces: WAN, LAN (, VPN, OpenVPN

    I want to block Client from accessing Server, how can I do this without adding any firewall rules to Site A? My problem is I don't understand the difference between the default OpenVPN interface of pfsense, and the custom interface if you add the ovpnc1? I though traffic from Site A will arrive at Site B in the "VPN (ovpnc1)" interface and I can block it there but It goes straight to LAN.

  • Update:
    Okay, I got this far that firewall rules added to the default OpenVPN interface work (i.e. drop all traffic from client on Site B firewall), but if I add the same rule to the ovpnc1 (VPN) interface nothing happens. What is the purpose of adding ovpnc1 if firewall rules applied to it don't work?

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