Captive portal for connection time and MAC

  • Hello guys, how are you?

    I have a question, create a captive portal and putting a time limit for usage of 4 hours per day per customer.
    And after this usage of 4 hours, the User is offline.

    However after these four hours if the User reconnect it accesses for another 4 hours.

    But I wish he could only be released again to access the Internet after six hours unplugged.

    Example uses the Internet for 4 hours, and then waits 6 hours for reuse.

    You have this possibility in pfsense and captive portal?
    Its block by MAC, not the User, there is only one set.
    So then User / MAC connect and use all the time he will be able only to reconnect after 6 hours.

    It will be a unique User for the client. As the customer flow is very large, you do not get creating User and vouchers for all.

    Only I activated the captive portal with these options

    Hard timeout = 240
    Authentication = Local User Manager / Vouchers

    And create the guest User
    In System: User Manager
    With Effective Privileges = CaptivePortalUse

    pfSense Version 2.2.4-RELEASE (amd64)
    squid 2.7.9
    captive portal

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