Authentification Portal doesnt appear.

  • I all

    Ive installed pfsense .
    i enabled Portal captive and choose Local user Manager/voucher Authentiocation type.

    I created vouchers.

    When i trie to go on internet i dont get authentification page. i go directly on intenet.

    Please help me.

    Soory if my english is not clear im a french man.



  • Hi,

    Just an idea : what about posting here :
        pfSense Forum »    International Support »    Français ?!
    Start by reading the Stick posts.

    When asking questions, detail your installation. No one know what you have, how you installed it, how you set it up.
    Portal is running on LAN interface ? OPT1 ?
    What are the firewall rules ?
    WAN type and details ?
    How did you setup DHCP ?
    DNS setup how ?

  • Thank for your replay.

    I installed pfsense 2.2 with 2 NIC cards.                                  
    DSL_internet_box–--------------------wancard(Pfsense )lancard----------------------Wifi AP.

    Wancard ip and the DSL box
    Lan ip
    Portal is running wan interface.
    I setup DHCP on LAN interface
    let me send some screen shots.

  • => PORTAL1.jpg
    You activated the portal on the WAN interface ??!! It should be on LAN, or, even better, on a dedicated, third interface 'OPT1'.

    Firewall rules on LAN : Rule 2 and 3 are basically the same.

    Firewall rule on WAN : this is new to me - what are you trying to do  ? Better remove it.

    When testing your portal, FIRST, remove your AP. Cable (with switch) between LAN NIC and your device (PC). Test if you device gets an IP and if this IP is in pfSense DHCP range (was given by pfSEnse).

    Advice : It would be better to have real WAN ('Internet') IP on the WAN NIC. Is it possible to run your DSL box with PPPOE mode ?

  • HI
    i have enabled captive on LAN interface and remove the wan rule but i cant allways access to the auth page.

    I dont hunderstand

  • Dir Gertjan.

    You ask what's i want to do?

    i would that client connect than by the voucher codes given by pfsense portal captive.


  • I asked) :

    Firewall rule on WAN : this is new to me - what are you trying to do  ? Better remove it.

    Remove AP for the time being, it happens often that these aren't setup correctly and are in router mode.

  • i have remove the AP and connected the Lan interface and my laptop by calble.
    Allway the same.
    Find general information below .

  • Sorry i forgotten i dont have a domain.