Reverse proxy limits session traffic for RDS Gateway

  • Hi,

    I've setup reverse proxy for our mail server, and for our RDS Gateway. The setup works, and I can access both the RDS Gateway, and our mail server remotely, but I've found that the proxy server limits the RDS Gateway session to only transfer about 190kb. If I use just NAT, there is no issue, but when going through the reverse proxy, it limits the session data amount that is received. I'm currently using 2.2.2

    Has anyone come across this?


  • This has been confirmed on 2.2.2 embedded and as a virtual machine.

    Reverse proxy enabled listening on
    NAT rule 443->

    can log in and session is fully active for as long as the "monitor" on the RDS Gateway has not received more than 165-193KB of information. Screen information is sent  (aka you can still see task manager running in the background) but the RDP session will crash on the remote computer within 30s of hitting the limit.