Group and Interface Firewall rules, bandwidth limiter

  • I have a situation that I haven't been able find a direct answer to yet. I am new to pfSense routers.

    We are putting in a new router with about 20 VLANs (all within which I have added to an interface group so that I can apply a simple firewall rule to block all intra-VLAN traffic but to still allow access to the Internet.

    The situation I am faced with, however, is that I need to setup different traffic limiters on a VLAN basis. So it appears to do this I would make an individual interface firewall rule and apply the in/out settings as necessary.

    My question is if this will work as I am expecting now, or will I have to add rules to block intra-VLAN traffic on each individual interface rules? The ordering looks like it will process group rules before individual interface rules, so once the intra-VLAN rule hits (to allow traffic to the Internet), will the limiter be ignored?

    Thanks in advance.