[solved] Openvpn Android Can't Connect.

  • I setup openVPN via https://chubbable.com/setup-openvpn-pfsense

    and with the export utility i created a file and put it on my Phone ( Nexux 5 with android 5.1.1)

    when i try to connect i get a error
    Client exception in transport_recv_excode: PolarSSL read error: ssl - Processing of the Certificate handshake message failed.

    Basic constraints : CA=false.

    Any idea if/what i setup wrongly?

    i userup a CA , server cert, and user cert.

    Because im behind a other router at this moment to test out this PFsense install. it showed a local lan ip in the ovpn file
    which i edited to a url that resolves to my Homeip.
    it resolves the IP correctly if i check the log on the phone.

    i had set the virtual ip to but that didn't work. When i changed it to a it worked