Elite Dangerous - Upnp with multi-wan load balance?

  • Hi,

    I play elite dangerous (ED).  I have a multiwan pfsense box (so wan and wan2).    So I have a gateway group named LB.  My default LAN rule is set to the LB gateway.

    What happens is this somehow messes up ED.  I can join a private group no problem.  But have tons of trouble communicating with other players, creating and joining wings etc.  I believe this is caused by round robin nature of the LB gateway.  But I'm pretty new at pfsense.  And the fact is that 'sometimes' it works, just not reliably.

    According to ED support, ED attempts to use UPnP to create a UDP port forward.  But in Pfsense, I can only enable UPnP on Wan or Wan2,  not on a gateway, so it remains disabled.

    I know or read a little that ED uses many different network strategies including p2p - so I worry that the LB may be the primary culprit.  I'll test later today by disabling the gateway and so I'll know more then.



  • *update,  I created port forward rules for UDP 5100 as per frontier docs.  I created duplicate rules one for each wan.  I tested it and it made no difference. i.e. still cannot send or receive wing invites.

  • Your going to have to probably create a LAN rule to send all traffic from the game out one WAN.  BF3 is like that as well.  The client will go out one WAN then PB will go out the other as it makes a new connection and the player will get kicked.