C'ant open pfsense webgui throught wireless

  • Hello,
    my router lan ip adress is 192.168.1.x
    and my pfsense lan ip adress is 172.16.1.x
    i can't connect to webgui of pfsense through wifi please help me.
    I know that i must create a bridge, but to be honest i have no idea how.

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    Yeah, we honestly do not know how either, given the extremely detailed information on the router. Move to the router's manufacturer forum, perhaps. Or, for starters, stop connecting the router to pfSense via WAN port, disable DHCP there and configure its LAN inside

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    To continue dok instructions for setting up wifi router as AP. You then connect one of the wifi routers lan ports to your network.. Now its AP not a nat wifi router..  Dhcp will come from pfsense and wireless and wifi will be on your network.

  • hi, this is my config and i can't even get the pfsense web page at :(

  • can anyone help me with this, thank you.

  • @commando:

    can anyone help me with this, thank you.

    Does your router have DHCP enabled? If yes, disable it, leave only the Wireless activated. You should already have DHCP enabled on your LAN interface, therefore any device connecting to Wireless will get an IP from the DHCP running on pfsense LAN interface.
    When setting up Static IP on the router, make sure the DNS and GW are the ones for PFsense LAN interface (
    What is the role of that Poweredge server in that scheme? Is he acting as a router with linux or something not related to the network?

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    well from your drawing I would assume your laptop is on the 192.168 network from your wifi router..  Why would you think you should get to pfsense lan IP.. Did you forward ports, did you open up the web gui to the wan IP.

    Out of the box pfsense blocks all unsolicited traffic from wan side unless you forward and or create firewall rules to allow traffic.

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