Import existing openvpn server to pfsense?

  • Greetings!

    As a newbie to pfSense AND OpenVPN i hope my questions are not too stupid.
    Goal: "Import" an existing (windows installed) OpenVPN Server into pfSense
    so that existing users can connect without any changes on their side.

    Is there a newbie-friendly way?

    Thanks in advance

  • In general it should be possible to recreate the current Win-based OpenVPN server so that it performs the same way in pfSense.

    A critical piece of the transfer will be extracting the certificates used in the Windows setup and transferring them to pfSense.

    The other pieces of the puzzle should be fairly straightforward.

    Now having said all that, there isn't a simple "import" function that will do this.

    If you can describe your setup in more detail - a simple network diagram and description of what your trying to accomplish - would really help us help you.

    Who setup the original Windows installation?