Large Gaming/Multimedia network fails randomly

  • Hello ladies and gents,

    I'm having a little trouble, but am not sure what's failing, how to identify it, or how to fix it.  I believe it to be tied to NAT, but not sure.

    So first a little background.  I work for a medium sized University, and we're using pfsense for our student gaming\multimedia network.  Two interfaces, one connected directly to the internet, and one to the network with all the users sitting on it.  I was able to successfully get upnp to function, however stability is the issue.  Something is failing after about 24 hours of use.  The Upnp service is still running, I can stop and restart it with no change.  However a full reboot of the server will restore functionality.  aka NAT will go back to moderate on the xboxone.

    So, how do I go about troubleshooting this to identify the problem and hopefully stabilize the firewall.
    Just to give you an idea of how much data flows through this, in about 48 hours nearly 700gig of data has come down from the interwebz.
    I should also note this is running in our VM environment.  You can see machine stats in the included pic.

  • I probably don't know enough to answer your question but when someone who does comes along they will most likely ask you for pictures of  all your firewall rules, all your NAT rules and your UPNP set up.  They are trying to debug your system so they need to see how it is set up.

  • One thing you might want to look into is how long the ports opened by uPnP are being held open.  Just make sure that they arent hitting a point where it no longer allows the box to open more.  Do you have the gaming network set to static outbound?