DHCP works but there's no authentification page .. ??

  • Hi all,

    my local networks(labo) is like this:

    LAN –-------------> Pfsense ----------------->WAN

    The network in the entreprise is like this:
    LAN –------------->Pfsense------------------->WAN
    10.20.0.x/24–------    ||    ------------------->10.0.0.....

    My local Pfsense(used for the test) is different of the Pfsense working in the real network.

    So i want to test the captive portal in my labo(local net), the DHCP works(with the AP) but there is no authentification page??
    My radius server in the LAN( ......
    I have enabled the pop-up windows, but it doesn't appear either ...

    What is wrong??

  • Post screen shots of your CP configuration.

  • thanks Perry,

    That's ok, i have reinstalled Pfsense and it works .. surely an error ..

    But now i'm authenticated, i ping all my subnets works, but i cannot go on internet.

    I think it's not a problem on pfsense, surely a missing rule on the last firewall .. right ??

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