• Hi,

    Good day!I have an internet cafe with 90 units. Currently everything is fine on our existing router (not pf). Load balancing 5 ISP for games, and 3 more ISP for surfing. My problem is the 3 surfing ISP is failing every now and then within the day. Plus the router cant load balance them since its already load balancing the IPS for games. I decided to add pfsense into the network to handle the surfing plus web cache. So I assemble a PC with 4 LAN ports (3 ISP, 1 Local). I installed pfsense on virtualbox.

    The cache and internet is working fine. Then all of a sudden you cant browse anymore. You have to refresh a few times before the page actually loads, and once a page loads on a browser tab its should work perfectly but if you open the same page on a different tab the same problem occurs again.

    System specs:
    Intel i7 920 (1st gen i7)
    2GB ram
    2x gigabit built in
    2x gigabit lan card
    500 gb hdd

    I have a few question:

    1. Is it a wrong idea to install pfsense on virtualbox? (I have set the CPU power to 100%, virtual features on bios enabled and only 1GB ram shared)
    2. Is the traffic too much for a single gigabit port? (but the existing router is currently fine with all the isp's and the 90 units)
    3. Or is there something wrong with how I setup pfsense? (all i did was load balance them. all isp on tier1 and on high latency trigger. then installed squid for the web cache)


  • You run out of ressources on the cache.

    Try and disable it and see if it occurs again.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Are you losing the ISP connections?  What's in the Gateways log.

    Load balancing and failover work, but they're not instant and seamless.  You lose the existing states on a gateway when a it fails, which would explain having to reload after a failover happens.

  • @halvsvenskeren
    What do you mean by resources? If its the hard drive, I dont think so. Since I just added pfsense into the network. The HDD doesnt contain anything at the moment and I just set 128mb for the ram cache.

    Nope all 3 IPS are working fine. I was monitoring the graphs and all 3 isp are running. ill have to check the logs tomorrow. I already left the place.

  • 128mb is not much for an internet café….

    I run 2GB for my homenetwork.