Some Host not accessible via VPN

  • I got another issue with my pfsense:

    I am able to connect from outside to our openvpn, I can access the interne via our pfsense gateway without any problems.
    On the internal side there are some strange things happening, Some hosts are accessible, some not.

    e.g. pfsense istself, working windows server with company server software, working raspberry with baikal, working to ddwrt Wlan APs around the house, not Working NAS working switch working switch working switch not working

    and so on

    I don't see any pattern in it, form within the network, alls hosts are respoding fine.

  • Without seeing a diagram of how this is all wired together, my first guess would be that there's an improper setup of an  internal firewall or configuration setting in the devices that don't work.

    When an external client connects via OpenVPN, it will appear to an internal device that it has an IP address outside the internal LAN.
    Some devices either fail to recognize or actively block those types of addresses.

    The other possibility is you've got something(s) wired wrong.
    Without a diagram, it's pretty hard to say.