Openvpn clients unable to access ipsec and other openvpn tunnels

  • This is my configuration…

    Colo Pfsense box
    Amazon AWS VPC IPSec Tunnel
    Colo Pfsense OpenVPN (for client connections)
    Office Pfsense box Site to Site VPN via OpenVPN

    I can ping everything over the LAN interface from the Colo Pfsense box, which is where everything ties into.  All site to site and client vpn's are configured properly at least from the standpoint of the Colo Pfsense box.  However I can not ping anything across any of the site to site vpns or client vpn.

    For instance while connected at the Office I can not access anything in Amazon.  Also if I am on the VPN into the Colo Pfsense box I can not access anything in Amazon.  Likewise for Amazon the other way to any of the other networks with the exception of the Colo Pfsesne subnet (

    I have configured all the routing on the AWS side of things and I have configured pushing the routes in the advanced option of the OpenVPN settings.  I have also setup 'Allow All' rules on all the interfaces to ensure that it's not a firewall issue.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!  I feel like I am missing something simple and can not for the life of me figure it out.

  • Could someone please provide any information as to what they think I am missing?  I do think it's a very simple mistake and I am missing something trivial.

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