Firewall rules for radius-captive portal

  • Hi,

    I have on box pf 1.2.3 with lan wan wan2 and opt1 with captive portal enabled on opt1 with external radius from wan gateway. I want to desable the captive portal from that box and use a second box with captive portal enabled, and attached on opt1 as gateway for radius.
    How can i do it ?
    What firewall rules i must do for radius on first and/or on second box?

    Thank you.

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    1.2.3 is positively prehistoric.  Upgrade.

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    I have on box pf 1.2.3

  • Ok

    this box is an marine usage firewall on an alix 256mb ram and i cannot upgrade because it is a closed version based on pf sense 1.2.3 . I have some issues with captive portal (wrong billings-slow responses-lags) and i want to keep it as a firewall only and use another pc with latest pfsense for captive portal.Lan and opt1 are vlans and i want to use opt1 as gateway of captive portal of latest pfsense pc. Do i mast make a pass rule from opt1 to wan address on rudius ports (1812-1813) on first box or something else? Some examples please.

    Thank you

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    You're pretty much on your own then.  You might want to call ESF and see if they will accept money to help you.

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    pfSense 2.2.x works very much fine on 256MB Alix. Other than that, running dead firewall code with tons of well known security issues is obviously useless.

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    why not just replace the ancient machine with this new pc your going to use as your captive portal?  1.2.3 came out what dec 2009 so at best your looking going on 6 year old hardware the thing is running on.. Time to replace!!  Not even taking into account all the concerns of running a firewall code from almost 6 years ago.

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