Memory utilization is too high

  • 1)I have installed a pfsense firewall with squid guard. it is up and running for nearly two weeks. last week the memory usage was 15- 18 % but today it has rose to 32%. Can a restart reduce this memory utilization ? What could be the exact cause and I have fears of having a high memory utilization in the future.  :-\

    2)After adding a new URL to the proxy filter list, it will not work till i restart the entire firewall. With the earlier pfsense version, it worked as soon as i restart the squid guard. How can I solve this.  ;)

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    Why on earth would you want to reduce it? To make the proxy even slower? You have 2/3 of your memory free (-> wasted).

  • If there are only 2 GB of memory in, why not even hug up the entire amount of memory to 4 GB or 8 GB
    and forget this "problem" forever? But not slowing down the entire proxy and having some more free
    space for other actions to offer to your firewall? I really don´t know what you have to pay for a 2 GB
    or 4 GB RAM module in your area, but this is not a real big deal today, or?

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