Squid3 Transparent Proxy Not working on LAN

  • PFSense 2.24
    Squid3 0.28
    Squidguard-devel v 1.5.6

    I have three LANs One production called LAN, and one wireless, and one for security cameras and public web surfing. The transparent Proxy works fine on the two networks that are not the Production Network "Lan".  As soon as I turn on the transparent proxy on the productions network, all Internet traffic grinds to a halt.  I have temporarily set up proxy setting through group policy to for the production network, and this is working somewhat, but some https sites do not work with this setup, as soon as the client turns off the proxy settings, the https sites work OK.  So I have two problems, one the transparent proxy issue, which I have searched the posts on this issue and not found anything that helps, I have inspected the squid.config file and based on the posts, mine is correct. And second problem https sites using proxy server settings in the browsers, I have SSL Filtering turned OFF in squid3.

    https works fine on the other two networks with transparent proxy work fine too.

    Something about the "Lan" my production network, that not happy, I've tried changing about every setting I can in both Squid and Squidguard, but no luck changing the problem.

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