Internet acces to wireless clients

  • Hi everyone, I'm a long time Ipfire user who has decided to try out Pfsense and enjoying it pretty well so far.  Many of the features and packages are a lot more straight forward and I really like the look and feel of it too.  I have one problem that is probably simple but I just can't get past it. No matter what I have tried I can not get internet access to devices connected to the wireless part of my lan.  I'll put a little description of my setup and any point in the right direction would be great.  I'm sure I'm missing something simple but like I said I just keep hitting a wall on this.

    Lan –  192.168.1.....  with dhcp running
    Wireless  --  192.168.2... with dhcp running  "internal wireless card"

    I have no problems getting wireless clients connected but I can't seem to get them internet access.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Rules are not automatically added to any interfaces other than LAN when you install.

  • Just make sure you didn't configure any upstream gateway on your lan interface.
    Check DHCP settings and make sure your clients get the correct settings from your pfsense DHCP.

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