PFsense configuration lost with Suricata.

  • Hello,

    Pfsense 2.2.4 - Suricata 2.08

    This is the second time that I have after a Suricate crash a default configuration in Pfsense !!!

    Have you already faced this?

  • The default settings for Suricata saves all settings in the config.xml file for the firewall, so as long as the original config.xml is present Suricata should recognized that fact and reinstall with all the original settings.

    There is a checkbox on the GLOBAL SETTINGS tab that controls whether or not Suricata retains settings on an uninstall.  Check and be sure that box is checked.


  • Hi,

    NOT a single problem on pfsense x64 v2.15 & Suricata and now updated to pfsense x64 v2.2.4 and Suricata 2.1.6.