Create an access point with pfsense

  • Hi, i'm have trying to create an access point with pfsense, with this structure

    WAN : sis0 -> PPPoE
    LAN  : ath0 ( Atheros AR5123 Chip) -> Access Point

    I have tryed with all options possibles but  cannot do this, and i cannot find a document that comment about this, or maybe i have a troube with my Wireless Card, or maybe it is impossible =).

    Someone can helps me or explain me more datailed please,


  • If I understand what you are trying to do here is give access to client computers through AP Mode. I would assign a ip to the lan and the wan on the same subnet as the dhcp server. Setup wifi in ap mode, and under lan bridge lan to wan.

  • Try this tutorial in from the docs.

  • hi TrCounter, when i try to config pfSense like an Acces Point, i cant do it with 2 interfaces ( one for WAN and the atheros interface working like LAN), so i connect a new ethernet interface, so i have my LAN and WAN interfaces (both ethernet) and one optional interfaces (Atheros working like Access Point) and i dont have any problems… try that config :)


  • You can do it with 1 ethernet interface and one wireless interface (i just set up 10 such systems).

    First you assigne the ath0 as WAN and the sis0 as LAN.
    You now can access the webinterface.
    Create rules so you can acces the pfSense from the WAN.
    Now swap the LAN and the WAN interfaces.
    You should be able to access the pfSense from the WAN now and configure the ath0 as LAN.

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