Squid3 bandwidth management tips?

  • Hi.

    I had read some post about the issue we have once we turn on squid and try to use limiters because need some fix.

    We have squid have delay_pools, but the users from squid-mailist doesn't recommend this feature because is old.

    Now, my question is, how does u guys dealing with squid went the customer require bandwidth control and u have just 1 pfsense, u don't other equipment for help just the pfsense box.

    U need to manage example 2 groups of users: admins and normal users, u want  admins to have 60% no restriction on domains and the rest for the normal users with restricted domains.

    Any tip will be appreciate, thanks!!!

  • I've never tried mixing squid with traffic shaping.  I don't know if Squid can even be shaped.

  • The only way now for me is delay_pools a old technology from squid.
    But your clients always want ways to control traffic.