PfSense - Interface Groups - LAN/WAN

  • Hi,

    I make use of interface groups to make firewall rules easier to manage. First, none of my actual interfaces are named WAN or LAN.

    To make things easier, I created an interface group named WAN and LAN (I have other interface groups but they work fine), both groups contain the appropriate interfaces. These groups work fine.

    If I edit an existing firewall rule that is set on the WAN or LAN interface groups, the "Interface" that the rule swaps to a different interface. As an example I edit an existing rule that is on the LAN interface group, the edit page then shows an "Interface" of one of my physical interfaces. Each time I edit one of these rules I need to remember to change the interface back to be the group.

    I am guessing this is because the names LAN and WAN are reserved in some way, everything else works, just editing an existing rule means you need to take care. Is this expected behavior?