[SOLVED] Squidguard doesn't start when i start pfsense

  • Hello pfsense masters:

    I have a little problem when i reboot every time pfsense : Squidguard does not start .

    I've installed pfsense the first time ran well . but the next day when i rebooted pfsense , all my packages squidguard started normally but do not start . Seeking the problem, see again when i click on the download button [ i ] Squidguard- > Blacklist [ / i ] , squidguard runs normally again .

    How can I Solve this problem? I think If I could do a script runs That When I turn on pfsense to download the blacklist on squidguard , or The most probably is I have a wrong configuration.

    This is my Filter GUI LOG (in case if you need):

    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [squid_reconfigure] Add new redirector options to Squid config.
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_reconfigure] Save squidGuard config to '/usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/etc/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf'.
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_redirector_base_url] Select redirector base url (https://www.google.com)
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_create_config] Add Default
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_create_config] Add rewrites: safesearch;
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_create_config] Added: blk_BL_adv; blk_BL_aggressive; blk_BL_alcohol; blk_BL_anonvpn; blk_BL_automobile_bikes; blk_BL_automobile_boats; blk_BL_automobile_cars; blk_BL_automobile_planes; blk_BL_chat; blk_BL_costtraps; blk_BL_dating; blk_BL_downloads; blk_BL_drugs; blk_BL_dynamic; blk_BL_education_schools; blk_BL_finance_banking; blk_BL_finance_insurance; blk_BL_finance_moneylending; blk_BL_finance_other; blk_BL_finance_realestate; blk_BL_finance_trading; blk_BL_fortunetelling; blk_BL_forum; blk_BL_gamble; blk_BL_government; blk_BL_hacking; blk_BL_hobby_cooking; blk_BL_hobby_games-misc; blk_BL_hobby_games-online; blk_BL_hobby_gardening; blk_BL_hobby_pets; blk_BL_homestyle; blk_BL_hospitals; blk_BL_imagehosting; blk_BL_isp; blk_BL_jobsearch; blk_BL_library; blk_BL_military; blk_BL_models; blk_BL_movies; blk_BL_music; blk_BL_news; blk_BL_podcasts; blk_BL_politics; blk_BL_porn; blk_BL_radiotv; blk_BL_recreation_humor; blk_BL_recreation_martialarts; blk_BL_recreation_restaurants; blk_BL_recreation_sports; blk_BL_recreation_travel; blk_BL_recreation_wellness; blk_BL_redirector; blk_BL_religion; blk_BL_remotecontrol; blk_BL_ringtones; blk_BL_science_astronomy; blk_BL_science_chemistry; blk_BL_searchengines; blk_BL_sex_education; blk_BL_sex_lingerie; blk_BL_shopping; blk_BL_socialnet; blk_BL_spyware; blk_BL_tracker; blk_BL_updatesites; blk_BL_urlshortener; blk_BL_violence; blk_BL_warez; blk_BL_weapons; blk_BL_webmail; blk_BL_webphone; blk_BL_webradio; blk_BL_webtv; .
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_create_config] Add blacklist entries
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_remove_unused_db_entries] Removed file '/var/db/squidGuard/blacklist.files'.
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_reconfigure_user_db] Warning User destinations list empty.
    02.09.2015 09:04:19   [sg_reconfigure_user_db] Begin with '/var/db/squidGuard'
    02.09.2015 08:54:39   [squid_reconfigure] Add new redirector options to Squid config.
    02.09.2015 08:54:39   [squid_reconfigure] Remove old redirector options from Squid config.

    automaticallty this puts in Squid-> General -> Integrations (i don't know how is)

    url_rewrite_program /usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/bin/squidGuard -c /usr/pbi/squidguard-i386/etc/squidGuard/squidGuard.conf;url_rewrite_bypass off;url_rewrite_children 16 startup=8 idle=4 concurrency=0

    Thanks for sharing your knowledges

  • OK, squidGuard is not really a service.  It runs on-demand.  For every URL your browser requests, squid fetches it and then passes it along to squidGuard.  This is why I don't trust the dashboard widget.  So, teh real question then becomes 'does it work regardless of the status?'.  When squidGuard shows as being Stopped, is it still processing URLs as per your rules?

  • I forget say something important: sometimes (most of the times) Squidguard and squid doesn't start.
    when the widget says that squidguard don't run, actually is not run. Don't apply the filter by squdiguard.

    When I uninstall squidguard, squid runs perfectly.

  • When squid passes the URL off to squidGuard, squid is done.  squidGuard cannot affect squid from what I understand.  However, if squidGuard is not working then it appears as if everything is not working.  And as you said, when you remove squidGuard, squid works perfectly. While I have had little trouble with squidGUard, I have read that others have problems with various things like losing the blacklist at every reboot, and squidGuard not working until you create at least one custom ACL.

  • I've tried in a VirtualBox and the first that I did is install Squid + Squidguard, I tried to reboot and wait to approx. 10 mins , just in case Squid delay to start, and the same thing; Squidguard seems stops Squid. It's very strange because Squid has any dependence to Squiguard.(Don't know if is a Pfsense's bug or Squidguard bug, I will ask on redmine)

    When I created a custom ACLs the problem is gone. Squid+Squidguard runs well.

    Thank you for the answers KOM.
    Have a great day

  • I'm glad the ACL addition solved your problem.