Squid Authentication LDAP failure

  • Squid with wpad working perfectly now i am trying to setup with AD authentication , i am able to test AD auth with ldap from diagnostic >Auth  its sucess but when i try via Login windows which shows in webpage (user auth popup ) it fails

    PFsenseLDAP admin shown in pic is admin

  • Hi Abhishek,

    Diagnostic > auth will not help you diagnose LDAP connexion problem for the Squid module. This test helps diagnose LDAP connection failure for system/user manager/servers (authentication servers).

    I just start using pfsense and struggle connecting it to my AD because Squid package doesn't like having French accents in its connection string.

    Maybe you entered the wrong LDAP password or the character "&" in your OU is not allowed. Try with a more simple OU name.


  • FYI, some RFCs like 4515 describe string representation in search filters and especially characters that must be escaped.
    ampersand is clearly one of these which means it requires backslash as an escape character.