Xenserver 6.5 does not detect and support PFsense VNIC

  • hi my friends
    i have installed pfsense 2.2 on xenserver 6.5 , in the pfsense GUI , i have seen that pfsense 2.2 amd64 and i386 doesn't support nic , how can i fix it ?
    thanks in advance

  • with pfsesne 2.2 32/64 bit  and xs 6.5 :

    there is not parent nic in the vlan define window on pfsense , and the speed of nic 100 or 1000 not shown
    i am sure the xs 6.5 does not detect pfsense NIC driver

    i have tested PF ver 2.1.5 64/32 bit , everything works good

    any help or experience with Pfsense 2.2 on xs 6.5 about this issue ???