Open vpn multiple site to site S2S vs SSL/TLS

  • currently i'm using IPSEC for site to site (10 tunnels) but I saw a faster performance when I tried to switch one over to OpenVPN (P2P shared key).

    If i need to add more OpenVPN S2S can i continue using shared key and just add clients at the rest of the locations connecting to the main site? Or create a new server for each client ? Or do i need to switch to P2P SSL\TLS for openVPN multisite ?

    When I tried to just add more clients connecting to the site using SharedKey connections weren't that stable.

    Can someone shed some light on how to approach this ?

    Thank you,


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Shared Key is 1:1  – One client to one Server

    SSL/TLS can work either way. If you want only one server process and multiple clients, it must be SSL/TLS.

    That style of setup is explained at -- be careful to follow everything, especially the parts about client specific overrides and iroutes.

  • thanks jimp. i will go with SSL/TLS method. appreciate the link.

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