Trouble with AP and pfSense, routing

  • First, Hi to all :)

    Searched forum for the solution and couldn't find it.

    Here is my setup:
    i have pfSense box which is connected to isp with one lan card and to access point with other.

    internet <–-->wan card [pfSense] lan card ( <–--> wan port on accesspoint (

    All users connect to ap and when they try to open any web page it redirect them to captive portal.
    Everything works fine for one user.
    When second one tries the same he is redirected to the web page he wanted, bypassing captive portal.
    I guess it's problem with NAT on access point.

    Is it possible to disable dhcp and nat on access point and use one on lan interface of pfSense?
    I guess that i need to use static routing on my access point.

    Will this work?

  • Set the AP to bridge mode

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