SquidGuard Blacklist auto updating

  • I have just switched to SquidGuard from DansGuardian. There are some bug issues with 2.2.4.

    I want to do auto updating of my blacklists on SquidGuard. Yes I have read the forums here and saw the one from 2011. Using a script in that manner works except for one problem. It does not accept a password. It would be in this form:


    This is my first post on this forum so please be kind. I am still trying to figure out your particular manner of doing things. I could not add to that old post, or at least figure out how to do that.

    So if I have done this in a non-prescribed manner, sorry about that. I am quite willing to learn the right way.


  • you could try a cron job.

  • Yes well I did that. That is not the problem. The problem is the fact that it does not accept a password like fetch does.

  • I found a work around. Since fetch does work I wrote a script to fetch the blacklist to /root. I put it in cron before the invoking the SquidGuard blacklist install.  I have the SquidGuard install the blacklist from /root. It is not elegant but it is functional.