Sub domain Dyn DNS opens web gui pfsense

  • I've setup a (sub)domain with Dyn DNS so I can reach my NAS running Sabnzbd & Sonarr from outside my LAN. Setting up Dyn DNS in pfsense was easy and works well. I did notice though that entering the sub domain in a browser opens the pfsense gui. I've made no changes on the WAN firewall or set any port forwards yet and thought that the WAN shouldn't be open for reaching the GUI. Does using DynDNS in pfsense require additional firewall settings to be able to port forward to my NAS but prevent the pfsense GUI to be reachable?


  • Ouch, shouldn't test this from a pc inside the LAN I notice. Using a pc not in the LAN connecting to the sub domain gives nothing. Port forward works fine.