OPenVPN and IP change

  • We are switching our backbone provider.  Of course this means new external IP addresses.  What do I need to do to make the VPN work, I assume the old config has the old IP of the pfsense box, but changing the ip on the client does not make it work.

    Any suggestions would be really helpful.


  • The IP the openvpn server is listening to is stored in /var/etc/openvpn/server(x).conf and this file wouldn't be rewritten if you change the interface IP.
    To get the new IP stored into the config file, just open the server configuration in the GUI, ensure that the correct interface IP is selected and click the Save button.

  • I created a new 'server' for openvpn, and attached certificates etc.  I have a connection running to the pfsense, and I see the routes being sent to my client, but it just doesn't let me route or seem to, I cannot get to the LAN side, I created the same set of rules that the old interface has but cant see the LAN.

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    While you're making the change, get a domain, free DNS hosting on, and change your clients to connect to a hostname instead of an IP address.

    Then to change your clients in the future you make one change to DNS and you're done.

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