Voucher Manager

  • Hi!
    I'm finishing building my own voucher manager. With this script/system, users can create vouchers and print without need to login in pfSense. Users can authenticate using any method and also could have limitations (max number of events, mas number of vouchers per event, etc…). No database needed, system create/manage/get rolls and vouchers direct from pfSense. Here are a small demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oF-pcQ-OOsE

    If enough people need some system like this, I can make some changes and make it public.

  • Hi there, looks nice.
    I would love to have something like this, instead of every time when we have guests, i need to connect and generate vouchers, print them, i would rather give access to this interface to the secretary and she could generate vouchers & print them herself for what guests we will have.

  • Jmaurin, very good job, I would be interested in trying your voucher system, can you provide a compressed file with it ?


  • I have some people asking via PM and here for this system. I'll prepare files for public release and post here.

  • jmaurin anxiously awaiting the release of this tool, as I am now finishing deploy captive portal in which work and was looking for a tool to generate vauncher and its is perfect for our needs. =)

    Att. Tácio Andrade.

  • Hi!
    First, I would like to say that this is a very beta version. All basic features are working fine, exept expiration date. This field will be used by bash or PHP script that will run daily (hourly?) and delete expired vouchers. Also, software are made in portuguese, but there's a file named 'pfvmanager.po' located in 'locale/en/LC_MESSAGES' ready for translation. If you wish, you can translate this file to your language and send to me :)

    And for the last: this is a free software, but you must keep credits in source code and footer page :)

    Instructions how to install are in my blog: https://www.jonis.com.br/2015/10/15/pfvmanager-vouchers/

    Feel free to post bugs and feature requests in my projects page: http://projetos.jonis.com.br/projects/pfsense-voucher-manager

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