WPAD configuration

  • Hi I have configured WPAD and working fine with the web filter, thanks for the guide, my question is can we show webfilter error page when we are blocking https sites. as it show site not found page.

    Also can we use antivirus of squid3 with WPAD config.

  • Sure you can but this has nothing to do with WPAD.
    Squid (and Squidguard?) can be configured to return error/warning page.

    Regarding the anti-virus related question: I don't understand it  :-[

  • Thanks for the reply,

    I want to clarify that, when we are blocking http site, squidguard block message is shown, but as soon as we block https site, no block message is shown but the only site not found.

    Also when I try to configure anti virus in squid 3 it start giving icap error and pfsense web page  doesn't open.

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