Anyone here got it working on 802.22 standard?

  • I'm a student of Telecommunications and I'm doing a project with my university by trying to set up a network system to 3 schools in Gambia. In order to do that, we are trying to use White Space frequency, something more or less along 300MHz-700MHz.

    The current problem is regarding the TX/RX between the schools and our main data center. We are going to use the 802.22 standard because of the terrain and its obstacles. First we thought it would be possible to modify a normal router with OpenWRT to TX/RX in that frequency, but we couldn't find something helpful.

    Now, I was thinking about making our own router with pfSense and maybe modify a network card, or maybe the system, in order to it to work with that frequency range.

    Is it possible to do? Are there any people who tried it before?

    The only threads I found were old and without answers, so I hope now I can find something.

  • What is the distance between schools?

  • About 5 kilometers, but the main problem is the terrain between them and its obstacles.

  • For wireless data transmission use the frequency space where there are billions of products available (2.4GHz)
    Read the tons of references about long distance WLAN transmissions available on the net.
    As a rule of thumb, the fresnel zone between two points has to be clear. Regardless of the frequency.

    You cannot tune the frequency band of a given TX/RX (e.g. WLAN card) to something far off its intended use. Not by software because hardware designed for 2.4 GHz cannot work at 500 MHz or so.

    Have a look at WiMAX or any other point-to-point data transmission.
    Maybe one hop around "obstacles" is a solution for you, not going the straight line.

  • Have you looked into software defined radios? Many free and open implementations that can likely be adapted for your scenario.

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