[SOLVED] Squid3: c-icap and clamav executable are not installed after restore.

  • Hi to everybody,
    After a fresh installation and restore of pfsense 2.2.4 amd64, clamd and c-icap under squid3 do not want to start.
    Some days ago, cause a disk failure, I did a pfsense fresh installation, and I restored, with a backup configuration taken a couple days before failure.
    The configuration backup, comes from same pfsense version 2.2.4, and, excluding the hard disk, is same hardware.
    After reboot, when pfsense had finished all packages reinstallation, antivirus clamd and c-icap, refused to start.
    Later I found the issue for Clamav… the "clamav" user was missing, but c-icap it is still a trouble.
    I noted, that executable file is not been installed, and it is not available on its folder "/usr/local/bin/c-icap".
    Not only... today i also did a squid3 reinstallation, because a  new version 0.3.2, was available, and now also clamav binary is missing into "/usr/local/sbin/clamd".
    Unfortunatelly, uninstall and reinstall squid3 has no effect.
    To me, it is clear that something on configuration backup has broken, and has caused those troubles to squid3.
    So, someone could tell me, how to delete any previous squid3 configuration ONLY ?
    Thanks in advance for your patience.

  • It happend to me after reinstallation of package squid, apparently clamd disapeared from squid3 package?

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    Read the fine FAQ (both of you).

  • Hi Doktornotor,
    It works !! thanks a lot.
    I had to reconfigure squid, but it was a simple stuff…
    Once again thanks !

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    Yeah. Now, don't forget to check the Keep Settings/Data box again. :)

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